We are SVEDA Organics.
We exist to create products that give organic efficacy.


Our products are of the highest quality, made with the best ingredients, and have calibrated formulations; all of this to provide you with the most effective products.


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Our CSO Dr. Abhijit Ray has a Phd in chemistry and over 30 years of experience in drug discovery, nano medicine and skin cancer clinical trials. He is a researcher with over 125 peer reviewed publications, patents and abstracts and over 2500 citations on Google Scholar.

Dr. Ray decided to use his enormous research experience to design products that his wife and daughters would love to use. He teamed up with Ron to create some exceptional products that their families and the larger public would love to use. 

EXPLORE Research Pipeline

Much like the way salt is fundamental to the flavor of food, it is essential to our body’s functions. Like a delectable foie gras or a nostalgic lentil soup, the balance of salt defines a delicacy or a memory. Imbalanced it can taste foul and even be toxic. Which is why the inception of SVEDA began with an obsession with salt. Salts from all over the world.

From a molecular lens, Potassium is the most abundant intracellular cation, an essential nutrient. It is present in all body tissues and is required for normal cell function, proper nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and kidney function. The obsession is, therefore, well intentioned.

That being said, much like the body or meal, salt cannot be the only ingredient. Rich fats, and carefully curated acids add flavor and dimension to a meal and are the complementary building blocks within our body. Which is what inspired the line of products SVEDA created.

The founders of SVEDA approached the creation of their products like delicately prepared meal. SVEDA paired the precision and potency of scientific understanding with excellent ingredients to create what they feel will be a perfect cornucopia of products.